08 July 2011



  1. Art & Culture page of the Guardian 9/7/2011.
    This latest piece by the zeitgeist sculptor Toodle is a revelation. Toodle's oeuvre always makes us question our place in the natural world and "untitled" is no different. Age old questions can be distilled from Toodles explorations of form and colour. Who are we as a species...? To what extent are we simply products of our evolution...? What role culture...? Why do we spend so much money on shoes...? Will the humble verrucae cause the ultimate destruction of mankind...? A groundbreaking work of refined perfection. Thought provoking and entertaining in equal measure. See this piece and many of the artists other works at the bunny galleries, entry free.

  2. Mr Dawson's critique of "Untitled" by the eminent contempory artist known publically as Toodle (that's Mr Toodle to you) is as insightful as it it is theatrical.

    In this, Mr Dawson's debut as art critic, he has shown more than just a natural talent, he has shown that to his very core he has an understanding of the inner workings of our most complicated artistic minds.

    I can give only two recommendations, read Mr Dawson's column in the Guardian and you will have the full artistic experience without having to spend money on the train fare.

    The other recommendation; visit


    for more arty nonsense.

  3. verrucae...i'm going to have to look that one up, mr. m. "-))

    hey, mr. t! he's a wonnnnderful little art afficionado - verry old school! and i've never seen such perfect toes! "-))

    buttt...i'm having a devil of a time reading the obviously well-partnered caption on this colossus. what does it say or are my peepers losing power? even tho i have just been prescribed a pair of bi...biii...bif...bifocals. (sigh!)ahhh mypopia! the gift that keeps on giving!

    it looks like latin? (:-o

    can you make this a scoontch bigger, so i can read it? ty, ty!

  4. You know what they say about big feet...

    Brilliant stuff as usual and a really fine way to take the topic!

  5. Hi Mrs F. I meant to repost the image with a little higher-res, but other things seem to have got in the way. The inscription reads:

    US:125 EU:420 UK:120

    Indicating the foot's shoe-size, if shoes were to go that that big.

    Sorry for the delay in explanation, high-res on it's way.