04 July 2011

what every girl needs this winter.


  1. He's just great, although I suspect that if she nags him too much about leaving muddy footprints about the house he'll snap her neck like a twig...!!! Plus, you didn't say exactly what he loads the dishwasher with ??? ;-) Lovely illustration, delightful characters, and love that red hair. His eyebrows are terrific! Reminds me of those huge muppets at the start of the Muppet Show! Hope you enjoyed July 4th... a sad day for us Brits... The upperty colony that got away! ;-)

  2. I've often thought life would be better if we all had a 9 foot sasquatch to give us cuddles whenever we need them. That's all these testosterone fuelled meat-heads need to stop them wanting to fight each other all the time.

    Lovely artwork as always, and a great concept.

    Ps. My wife approves of the red haired heroine.

  3. Wonderful stuff! Love the rendering of his fur.