18 November 2011

who came first?


  1. Ha ha nice one Philip

  2. Delightful! The stylised, integrated forms of the chicken face and comb, the overall 'base of a broken egg' body silhouette and your use of the chequers for patternation are virtuoso touches sir! I doff my cap and shake you warmly by the hand in congratulation. Great palette too, warmly rustic :-)

  3. Absolutely fabulous stylisation and design, and great colours. Top notch. And a nice idea too :)

  4. I'll put the question to my hens, but don't hold your breath for an answer. They might never tell me...
    Nice work Mr Toodle.

  5. surely, shirley...the harlequin fowl is a breast of the offspring? this time?

    this one always blurgs me. i mean, no chicken, no egg. no egg, no chicken so...ack! i'm spinning!

    wonderful illio, mr t! "-)