08 March 2011

The Empire Strikes Bat


  1. Wonderful... silly ... but wonderful :-) Love the paired down colouring, great sense of hazy, icy, Hoth in the background.

  2. Ho Ho :) Brilliantly hat-stand, and you've got some lovely colour going on. I like the suggestion of a face you've given him, and its docile, plodding demeanour.

  3. WHAT? i can do animals ANNNNND STAR WARS on the bunny? EXCELLENT!
    i personally always imagined imperial walkers to be made out of aluminum. so much lighter than they appear on film. "-))

    wonnnderful piece, kevin! love the lil rebel snow scout trying to tak on his cable!

  4. I'm delighted with this blog!

    Hmm, well no Star Wars but I did make an illustration on the bat theme. http://articulatematter.com/comic/2011/fruit-bats/ Hope you enjoy.