23 February 2014

a whole bunch of tardigrades...


  1. my comment bears no weight this time, mattie. but THIS one does:
    (from tween son who is so into dr who and minecraft)

    "that is SO awesome. i would want my whole room with that. like a wallpaper or huge mural. woah."

    i concur. i love love the scribbly ones, the implied eyes, the color palette. their poses. fantastic! my fez off to you, sir! "-)

    1. I'm honoured indeed to get the 'tween son' seal of approval. I almost made it into a repeating pattern... glad someone else saw wallpaper too ;-) Many thanks froggie and son!

  2. Great colours and really nice textures, as usual, and I really like the many variations of what is a very simple creature. Top stuff

  3. Perfectly primitive and awesomely alien AT THE SAME TIME! Wonderful!