30 June 2011

Mingo Mitch: He's no mingo's bitch!

Mingo Mitch


  1. Something tells me Mitch is going to lose his pink colouring if he goes on being dominated by those pesky crustaceans! Love all those swoopy shapes. Great design in the Shrimp, bags of character, especially the 'hair'. Come on Mitch, stand on your own TWO feet and assert yourself! :-)

  2. Sorry Matt, I didn't introduce Mitch well enough. Mitch IS the crustacean (think Buffalo Bill). He's a bad ass shrimp, who's tired of being pushed around by those darn 'mingos. He's taken a stand and he's turned mingo herding into a new industry.

    I've added a caption underneath Mitch, to make things clearer. Cheers for your comments chaps, I'm glad you like it.

  3. mitch is ruthless wrangler...a nefarious mingo plantation owner. a blight on one of our most precious water fowl!

    those cool marble green dot eyes don't fool me. mitch is evil. >:-(

    wonnnnderful characters, mr. t! great forms and i love the trees! :-))

    fly, little mingo, flee evil mitch!

  4. Doh... my fault, tired morning eyes and foggy breakfast brain ;-) The 'bitch' ref in the title did puzzle me a little before... all clear now...still love the pic!

  5. :) Cheers Froggie, Mitch might be ruthless, but has he been turned that way by the relentless devastation wrought upon his people by the evil flamingos? The worm has turned I'm afraid, and the mingos have been put in their place by the brave and enterprising Mitch.

  6. shrimp should carry large signs then that clearly state HEY! LOOK DOWN! SHRIMP HERE! DON'T SQUASH US UNDER YOUR KNOBBY FEET!

    or, they should wear some kind of briny-er cologne that makes them quite unappetizing to mingos. (no thanks. i'd rather have a prawn just now. thanks just the same.)

    ooo..that sounds really good for breakfast. MITCH THE SHRIMP OMELETTE! mmmmmmmmm!

    i need to go defrost some mitch relatives! bwahahahaha! >:-)

    and tell mr. "i have a new avatar" dawson to stop swearing. this isn't westeros, you know. it's bunny! "-)