01 April 2011

Jabba the Toad


  1. Excellent, didn't see that one coming! Great character design. Little salacious crumb (waterboatman...?) is a perfect partner... I can hear the laugh! And Leia the newt to boot. So does Jabba the Toad feed Luke the dragonfly to the Rancoor Trout beneath the lilly pad...?! It'd be fun to do the whole trilogy with animals!!!

  2. Why limit it to pond life? I think Luke and Leia would be rabbits if this were to be taken further. Han would be a fox or a badger, Chewi a bear or possibly an escaped dog. Maybe Jabba could be a kind of over-grown mutant tadpole, hence his bad attitude and lack of legs.

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  4. YAY! more star w! this is just super, phil! love the tidy composition and characters! (although i always thought salacious MUST HAVE BEEN a throw-away from fraggle rock!)
    here's my um, well, she was my third-grade teacher. and she squished my best friend the cricket, charlie, when i brought him into show and tell. he jumped on her orthopedic shoe and she squashed him.

    "i don't care for insects."

    (i'll just BET you don't!)


  5. That, is one scary teacher! She'd make a brilliant character for a picture book.

    Thanks for you comments, you can't bo wrong with starwars can you.