13 May 2013

pine cone pangolin


  1. SUPERB!! The first 3D albbunny! I'm super impressed. It's funny, I'd been thinking about making a paper pangolin, but couldn't think how to make it stand out, the cone is what was needed. Genius! My new favourite albbunny ever.

  2. This is absolute class. Lovely patterns on the card, and it all fits together perfectly with the pinecone, to make a lovely unit.
    Not cobbled together or anything.
    And a lovely photograph as well, with great lighting.
    Fab idea.
    Top stuff :)

  3. i shall never tread or crush a pinecone again on a trail run again! this is pure brilliance. so fun to think of him, literally like his description - perfect, mattie!

  4. this is so RAD! i LOVE pangolins!!!! we have to save them! they're going extinct and they're way to cute to go extinct!

  5. I love this, Matt! The pinecone was the perfect prop to create the Pangolin trunk and that curly pink tongue is just too adorable! Great work!