28 April 2013

decorate his pate!


  1. Nope, didn't see this coming :) Is there a reference that I've missed? Very entertaining regardless, lover the chap in the middle with the squirrel on his head.

  2. The many and varied headgears of America's favourite follically challenged feathered friend. FANTASTIC! I think my personal favourite is the great statesman... an eagle really suits a monocle.Very well observed drawing, and love the subtle patterns. Nice font too...looks nicely hand lettered at first glance... can I ask what you used.

  3. YAY! you got it, mattie...our beloved bald eagle! although, i don't get it. he HAS feathers on his head, i've seen em, up close in zoos, so...what PART of him is bald? it's not like he's patrick stewart or george costanza. i think it's more of his head is white? so, like charles dance, doctor who # 3...

    the font is called "pixie" and i did twink it a bit here and there. i can email, if ya like! it's a fun one to twink a bit! "-)