12 July 2011

Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way!


  1. As I was doing mine I started thinking Chewie, so I'm really glad you got the same wookie vibe. Both the colours and the original inks are fantastic. Love the following lines in the fur and cannot get enough of the glorious scumbled brush texture in the background. Pure genius! Maybe also 'The Perm of the Yeti' could work...with a suitably frizzy wookie :-)

  2. i SO wanted to be a wookie when i was a youngling! (ahhh delusions of furrier grandeur!)


    execellent poster treatment, kev! "-))

  3. Technically: A yeti "lives" in a/the Himalayas and a/the sasquatch "lives" in North America.

    But as you've drawn a Wookie, I'll let you off. This time.

    But seriously, a lovely portrait of the hairy fella.


  4. PS. It was ALBBunny's Birthday yesterday (15th June), and we forgot to get a present, or even a card. Shame on us all.

    We're really sorry ALBBunny, but as you're only a year old, you don't know what's going on anyway. I mean what does a 1 year old want with a card? Maybe we'll do something for your 2nd Birthday.