10 May 2011

Blues Whale.


  1. KRILLIANT! (get it? bwahahahahaha!)

    he's wonnnderful mattie! love the colors, the composition, his lovely arthritic shape, the lp format and his fabulous fedora! "-)

  2. He needs a Harmonica round the back near his blow-hole... other than that, this is the business!

    Really great concept fella!

  3. We lost my comment somehow...

    The crux of it was that I thought the piece was the business...

    I might have suggested a harmonica near his blow-hole, but I can't be sure about that!

  4. Hi Matt, sorry it's taken me so long to post a comment, shoddy blogging, soz.

    This is great album cover, the whale's pose is superb, and colours and textures are lovely.

    P.s. Kev, love the concept of the blowhole harmonica, but it needs to be on a one-man(whale)-band. Perhaps when we do another type of whale, you could treat us with your version.