01 February 2011

Molar Bear


  1. ohhh EXXXXCELLENT, dawson! such a rapier wit!

    (be a bit prickly trying to floss that tooth!)

    tried to play last month, as a wasp, but i dunno if i did the link correctly. i put it right in the comments? ahhh well. i'll try again with a pbear soon! see if i get it right. hope you are very well! "-))

  2. You know what, when you told me you were going to go with a polar bear pun this month, I felt sure that it was going to be 'bi-polar bear'. As a result I decided not to pursue that particular avenue. I might return to it now that I've seen yours. Or I might not.

    Didn't expect this, that's for sure. Nice work as always, and nice to see your naturalistic painting skills being given an airing. Good work.

  3. Genius. A wonderful way to take the topic. Particularly like the 'gum' coloured background - a break from the cool blues we usually associate with the Polar Bear's environment!