04 October 2010



  1. GENIUS! In every respect this is just superb work Mr. Toodle. Love this piece and can really see it selling as prints, T-shirts and what have you. Great little touches, noticed the bat! Is there going to be a run of films in the Mr. T shop...? What else could you have...? You have nothing to worry about with respect to your work, this is a goer!!!

  2. Cheers Matt, I'm glad you like it. It wouldn't have happened without you getting the ball rolling though, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Definitely VERY cool - you should be happy, it's great.

    Funny, clever, really nicely 'executed', I've just put you on the same list as that Dawson bloke... that's the 'HATE' list by the way.

    :-D honestly though, it's definite T-shirt material!